Arnold is a passionate, reliable iOS Developer (senior) with a large number of iOS apps on his name and a broad background as Apple Certified Consultant.

In recent years Arnold worked as a lead developer on Apps for a number of Banks, a insurance company, an app accompanying a pain relief device, worked on the Hue app 2.x and a number of premier soccer clubs. Many of these projects are executed using Agile/Scrum.

In the role of lead developer did Arnold coach less experienced developers, and was engaged in the architecture of the apps in the project. In the past he worked as a full-time Apple Consultant.

As an example he worked on automating the deployment process of 450 Mac clients in network of over 6K clients. Thanks to the automation he reduced the process time from six days to one.

Arnold has followed a number iOS Boot camps at Big Nerd Ranch.

Arnold is well versed in Core Data, Core Location, Core Bluetooth. Core Foundation, most used Design patterns, OOP, TDD and the automation of the build process. (DevOps)

In the magazine Mac Tech he published an article on code signing and Continuous Integration.

In his spare time he is busy with photography, reading, Raspberry PI and Lego Integration and travel.