Testing Inside Framework

Situation While working on a framework I encountered the problem of not wanting to expose certain header files solely for testing purposes. To me it seemed just wrong to add these “internal” headers to the public interface so I can write the code following the TDD paradigm. The framework needs to be as it is going to be delivered, only …

The Phoenix Project

Last Sunday I finally found and made the time to start on a book that was recommended to me over a year ago: “The Phoenix Project”. It was a nice quite Sunday at home, doors open to the garden, good music on and started in the morning.  After a couple of chapters I was unable to put it away. It …

tvOS app version 2

In order to keep on growing in my Swift development skills, I have decided to continue on the tvOS project.
The projects needs some small changes.

My First tvOS App

While on holiday in Austria, I found some need to write an tvOS app. And these are my first real working adventures in writing an App in Swift and for a platform I did not have any previous experience: TV.