tvOS app version 2

Currently the app has some hard-coded URL’s to make it work when using the Seagate Wireless HD. It works, and when on holiday that is fine. However to improve the project I feel that I need to do some re-factoring.  And having some improvements to implement is also a nice way to improve my Swift skills.
As improvements I’ve come up with the following:

  • Capability to choose backend server
  • Remove Storyboard
  • Add XIB’s as interface files
  • Replace notifications with delegate (protocol) implementation.

The last three point I have already done, it turned out way easier then anticipated and I’m glad that I succeeded.

On the first item, it was a quick search on the interweb, to decide to use Swift as the language to use. And that turned out to be a real joy. Found a very nice book on the subject: “Server-Side Swift”. I really recommend it. The main reason to enjoy is that I’m able to develop the server app using Xcode, can easily run a debug build and best of set breakpoints! Very nice. I’ll post about the server app and points I encountered at a later date.