Server Side Swift (Vapor)

While working on a In-House iPhone app, we encountered the need for a middleware solution. Since I already started with building my own API using Vapor, I had the book: “Server Side Swift (Vapor) lying around, why not kill the proverbial two birds with one stone?

Setting up Vapor is easy enough, just a command of ‘brew install vapour/tap/vapor’. And I find the biggest benefit that I can develop using Xcocde.  So getting it to work in a Workspace is pretty convenient.

I have learned a lot through this book, the use closures, is getting to me. And not always in a good way… ;-). But continueing to work in Swift and getting the time to figure stuff out helps a lot in gaining confidence. And am starting to like Swift. My last Objective-C project was from last September. So close to working full-time in Swift for a year.

All in all, the getting the work done server side, is not easy, but at the same time not that hard either..  Thanks to the Vapor Framework. The way the routes are setup is pretty cool.


Now I can start calling my self a ‘Full-Stack’ developer… Although it is limited to the language Swift. But still API’s and FrontEnd development.