Curriculum Vitae

Arnold is a passionate, reliable Software Engineer with a broad experience in diverse IT Fields, to name a few:

  • Software Architect
  •  Platform Developer
    • Swift
    • Objective-C
  • DevOps (Unix)
  • Team lead
  • Continuous Integration / Continuous  Delivery
  • Security Officer

Currently Arnold is working for Pro Warehouse, one of the two Apple Authorised Enterprise Resellers. 

While working for Pro Warehouse he started as an Apple Platform Developer where he wrote the Erase & Install Mac application.

From building the macOS Application he was given the role of project manager for the development and maintaining of the backoffice application build in Filemaker and managing the development processes for the website.  This development was outsourced, it was decided to start in-sourcing the development for both sites and backoffice application. 

During this time he setup and defined the architecture of  a high-availability and high-performance platform, from where in a loosely coupled manner using RESTFull API's the data is send to the sites as well as send back into the backoffice application. Arnold is now leading the DevOps team responsible in creating and maintaining the platform in serving the webshops for Pro Warehouse. 

Besides the day to day team lead role, Arnold helped Pro Warehouse gain the ISO certifications (ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001). In light of the ISO certifications Arnold full-fills the role or Security Officer.

Several other in-house applications are build by Arnold:

  • Web based API Endpoint application for distribution in a narrowcast solution, written in GoLang.
  • A tvOS narrowcast application that can play endless movies, with automated download of new content when available.
  • A tvOS application capable in displaying Grafana dashboard or any other desired status page.

In the years before working at Pro Warehouse, Arnold worked as a lead developer on Apps for a number of Banks, a insurance company, an app accompanying a pain relief device, worked on the Hue app 2.x and a number of premier soccer clubs. Many of these projects are executed using Agile/Scrum.

In the role of lead developer did Arnold coach less experienced developers, and was engaged in the architecture of the apps in the project. In the past he worked as a full-time Apple Consultant.

As an example he worked on automating the deployment process of 450 Mac clients in network of over 6K clients. Thanks to the automation he reduced the process time from six days to one.

Arnold has followed a number iOS Boot camps at Big Nerd Ranch.

Arnold is well versed in Core Data, Core Location, Core Bluetooth. Core Foundation, most used Design patterns, OOP, TDD and the automation of the build process. (DevOps)

In the magazine Mac Tech he published an article on code signing and Continuous Integration.

In his spare time he is busy with photography (landscape), reading  and an avid fan of Lego.

The background image on this site is his own work.