Pain Treatment App for Philips

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While working at Sogeti on a assignment for Philips I was part of the team, that created an accompanying app to two pain treatment devices. Both devices are communicating with the App using BlueTooth LE.

We had some nice challenges getting this to work. In this universal app we used the following design patterns.

  • KVO
  • Singleton
  • Notifications
  • Façade
  • Inheritance

The app is also localised and has a nice feature, that based on the attached device the whole color theming changes. Also did we extensively use CoreData as a persistence framework to store the data that needs to be included in the App. You can think of the specific order the programs for the devices need to be sorted, based on the selected body part.

Also did I create a nice animation using CoreAnimation.

This article was updated on Friday, 6 November 2020